I have just had a couple of weeks holiday , and although I didn’t go away it has been lovely just being at home with time to call my own. Although I secretly will be glad to go back to work, but don’t tell anyone!.

I spent a lot of time with my little puppy which has been fab, and managed to fit in a couple of photoshoots. A friend asked if I could take some pics of her son who has just turned 18 and is interested in becoming a model. I suggested we go to a local beauty spot called Upton Country Park. It is  over 130 acres of parkland, shoreline and formal estate gardens in Dorset with great views across the wetlands of Poole and has a magnificent house which provided the perfect backdrop for some portrait photography.

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I always feel nervous whenever someone asks me to do some photography, I have never claimed to be a professional, photography is my hobby, I am chuffed that people like my work. I generally look at Pinterest for ideas and lighting suggestions. The day in question was overcast, despite being  bright and sunny only hours before the shoot. Although on reflection I felt that overcast was better, the clouds acting like a giant diffuser. I used a speedlight on camera to fill in any shadows, Tom was a fab model, and very easy on the eye!

Bored Wet Sunday

So,  it’s Sunday afternoon and I find myself sat here feeling very bored! There are lots of things that I could/should be doing but nothing inspires me.  Cleaning the bathroom, tidying the garden, tidy the house etc etc. I though it was time I updated my blog as I cant remember when I last posted.

I popped out this morning to a local charity dog show as I have acquired a little ball of fluff whom I have named Lou Lou. She is a cross between a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, although to my mind the two breeds are very similar and she is now approximately 16weeks old. I entered her for 2 competitions, the prettiest Bitch and the puppy section, but unfortunately she did get placed in any of them.  Never mind, she had a fab time, socialising with all the other dogs.

I have included a few pics and it is interesting to see how different she looks since she had her first puppy cut last week. Her little face has changed colour completely.


I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Anna at one of our local beauty spots on one of the hottest days of the year. The beach was very crowded, lots of families , dogs and people enjoying the water creeping into shot.As usual it was a last minute decision and left little time for preparation and the option of talking myself out of it! I make no claims at all to be a photographer. I enjoy photography, very much, it is my hobby and am always quietly very pleased when friends, family and colleagues offer praise, which is sometimes followed with a request to photograph some special moments in their own lives. This invariably throws me into a turmoil, the pressure is on, what if I get it wrong? I usually do, and come away offering apologies triple fold. I have been told that I am my own worst critic, Yes I am, but I don’t think that is a bad thing, always evaluating how I could have improved things, what should I have done to have  the result that I am proud to put my name to?

The pictures above prove my point, a simple thing that would have improved things immensely would have been to make use of on camera fill in flash, or to have used an off camera  speedlight, but that would have meant asking for an assistant with additional cost. Why did I not think of this beforehand? I remembered to take a reflector, to bounce the evening light back as I anticipated shadows, although the reflector ideally would have been much bigger. I was hoping to use natural light, and even that at gone 7.00pm was still strong causing Anna to look away from the camera to avoid squinting.

I try to keep my prices low, this is for several reasons

  • I don’t like taking money from friends or family, so invariably  by the time you allow for travel, parking costs, the final media that photographs are presented on, not factoring for the cost of the time spent doing the photography and then developing it is at a financial loss to myself.
  • I truly don’t  feel that I am good enough! I find the whole procedure to be very stressful, I have such high expectations, that I can never quite accomplish.
  • What if the client isn’t happy with the results, I would feel terrible accepting financial reward for something that they weren’t pleased with.

Fortunately Anna and her mum were very pleased with the resulting pictures, myself….. I am very relieved. Would I do it again? A resounding YES! With an assistant, a larger reflector, use of fill flash, a less crowded beach etc etc.

Thanks for reading, please leave honest critic and suggestions.


Open topped bus into Swanage

The weather in the UK is particularly fantastic at the moment, given that, you have to grab life and make on the spur of the moment decisions. I made one today! With a friend we decided to get a one day travel ticket,  a huge outlay of £8.40, which gave us the luxury of a days travel on the local bus. Given that this barely covered the price of travelling across a short distance of water at Studland by ferry that was included in our journey we leapt at the chance! We got on the open topped bus in Bournemouth which guaranteed our arrival in Swanage, a few hours in Swanage we then jumped back on the bus for a scenic tour through Langton Matravers into the pretty village of Corfe.  This all included the world heritage site around the Purbecks,

The Isle of Purbeck is a peninsula in Dorset, England. It is bordered by water on three sides: the English Channel to the south and east, where steep cliffs fall to the sea; and by the marshy lands of the River Frome and Poole Harbour to the north. Its western boundary is less well defined, with some medieval sources placing it at Flower’s Barrow above Worbarrow Bay.[1] According to writer and broadcaster Ralph Wightman, Purbeck “is only an island if you accept the barren heaths between Arish Mell and Wareham as cutting off this corner of Dorset as effectively as the sea.”[2] The most southerly point is St Alban’s Head (archaically St. Aldhelm’s Head). Its coastline is suffering from erosion.

The whole of the Isle of Purbeck lies within the local government district of Purbeck, which is named after it. However the district extends significantly further north and west than the traditional boundary of the Isle of Purbeck along the River Frome.

In terms of natural landscape areas, the southern part of the Isle of Purbeck and the coastal strip as far as Ringstead Bay in the west, have been designated as National Character Area 136 – South Purbeck by Natural England. To the north are the Dorset Heaths and to the west, the Weymouth Lowlands.[3]

We arrived back in Poole tired, sunburnt and happy late in the afternoon. After a few hours of photography we captured beach huts, people, Corfe, village, sunny days, happy times…. my words are rubbish, I hope my pictures speak volumes, enjoy, thanks for stopping by.

Water Art

untitled (127 of 147).jpg

What to do on an unpredictable day, I really wanted to go out in to Poole. but one minute it was beautifully sunny with white fluffy clouds and the next dark brooding clouds with sudden very heavy downpours!

I had taken delivery of a new  Sigma 150mm macro lens, exciting, so my other option was to stay at home and play. I love water drop photography, the variations in shape size colour etc. is immense. Just slightly changing the settings on the Splash Art control box will give you a huge variety of results.  Putting some coloured gels on the flash gives you some colour interest.

I cant quite figure out if there is a chromatic aberration issue or just a result of using the gels? Any thoughts?

Why so sad?

Arry Paye 2016 (65 of 273)-Edit

I decided one day last year to attend the local ‘Arry Paye Day celebrations in my local town. Generally a time of high spirits, dressing up and celebrating Poole’s heritage. Most people where jovial, apart from this guy…….

Mini Steam on the Quay

Saturday 13th May

Today is the first day of celebrating Poole Maritime week.

It was kicked off by Mini Steam on the Quay, a collection of mini steam engines offering free rides all the front. It was well attended with lots of interesting people, allowing lots of opportunity for some street photography,  my favourite form of photography.

As it was a lovely sunny day, I decided to walk into Poole, approximately 2 miles mostly downhill.  I don’t think people walk enough nowadays, time constraints do not allow, its such a shame, you miss so much of area when you are sat in a car stuck in traffic! So it was an honour that I was able enjoy, walking past the beauty spot on the Longfleet Road that offered a glimpse across to the Sandbanks Peninsular and onwards to the rolling Purbeck Hills. I continued into Poole and came across this really old façade of ornate windows , I have wandered up this street many many times and have never noticed this before, probably because I was in shopping mode, having a camera really slows you down and encourages you to look around and see things that would otherwise be missed. I continued on up the street onto the quay and followed around up to Baiter where they have recently erected a big wheel. Of course I had to have a go! I don’t like heights at all, but having a camera in my hand meant that I had to overcome fears and get on. I have to say it was very good value for money, whether it was because I had a camera in my hand, or because they weren’t busy, we were privilege to 4 rotations!! I then wandered back up to the Quay and settled myself down to partake in a little tipple, find a spot in the sun, and people watch, one of  my favourite pastimes! Enjoy the pics x