I have just had a couple of weeks holiday , and although I didn’t go away it has been lovely just being at home with time to call my own. Although I secretly will be glad to go back to work, but don’t tell anyone!.

I spent a lot of time with my little puppy which has been fab, and managed to fit in a couple of photoshoots. A friend asked if I could take some pics of her son who has just turned 18 and is interested in becoming a model. I suggested we go to a local beauty spot called Upton Country Park. It is  over 130 acres of parkland, shoreline and formal estate gardens in Dorset with great views across the wetlands of Poole and has a magnificent house which provided the perfect backdrop for some portrait photography.

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I always feel nervous whenever someone asks me to do some photography, I have never claimed to be a professional, photography is my hobby, I am chuffed that people like my work. I generally look at Pinterest for ideas and lighting suggestions. The day in question was overcast, despite being  bright and sunny only hours before the shoot. Although on reflection I felt that overcast was better, the clouds acting like a giant diffuser. I used a speedlight on camera to fill in any shadows, Tom was a fab model, and very easy on the eye!

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