Bored Wet Sunday

So,  it’s Sunday afternoon and I find myself sat here feeling very bored! There are lots of things that I could/should be doing but nothing inspires me.  Cleaning the bathroom, tidying the garden, tidy the house etc etc. I though it was time I updated my blog as I cant remember when I last posted.

I popped out this morning to a local charity dog show as I have acquired a little ball of fluff whom I have named Lou Lou. She is a cross between a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, although to my mind the two breeds are very similar and she is now approximately 16weeks old. I entered her for 2 competitions, the prettiest Bitch and the puppy section, but unfortunately she did get placed in any of them.  Never mind, she had a fab time, socialising with all the other dogs.

I have included a few pics and it is interesting to see how different she looks since she had her first puppy cut last week. Her little face has changed colour completely.

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