I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Anna at one of our local beauty spots on one of the hottest days of the year. The beach was very crowded, lots of families , dogs and people enjoying the water creeping into shot.As usual it was a last minute decision and left little time for preparation and the option of talking myself out of it! I make no claims at all to be a photographer. I enjoy photography, very much, it is my hobby and am always quietly very pleased when friends, family and colleagues offer praise, which is sometimes followed with a request to photograph some special moments in their own lives. This invariably throws me into a turmoil, the pressure is on, what if I get it wrong? I usually do, and come away offering apologies triple fold. I have been told that I am my own worst critic, Yes I am, but I don’t think that is a bad thing, always evaluating how I could have improved things, what should I have done to have  the result that I am proud to put my name to?

The pictures above prove my point, a simple thing that would have improved things immensely would have been to make use of on camera fill in flash, or to have used an off camera  speedlight, but that would have meant asking for an assistant with additional cost. Why did I not think of this beforehand? I remembered to take a reflector, to bounce the evening light back as I anticipated shadows, although the reflector ideally would have been much bigger. I was hoping to use natural light, and even that at gone 7.00pm was still strong causing Anna to look away from the camera to avoid squinting.

I try to keep my prices low, this is for several reasons

  • I don’t like taking money from friends or family, so invariably  by the time you allow for travel, parking costs, the final media that photographs are presented on, not factoring for the cost of the time spent doing the photography and then developing it is at a financial loss to myself.
  • I truly don’t  feel that I am good enough! I find the whole procedure to be very stressful, I have such high expectations, that I can never quite accomplish.
  • What if the client isn’t happy with the results, I would feel terrible accepting financial reward for something that they weren’t pleased with.

Fortunately Anna and her mum were very pleased with the resulting pictures, myself….. I am very relieved. Would I do it again? A resounding YES! With an assistant, a larger reflector, use of fill flash, a less crowded beach etc etc.

Thanks for reading, please leave honest critic and suggestions.


One thought on “Anna

  1. I love the concept of your second photo with the heart shadow on the bump – what a cute idea.
    Should you do it again… yep, as with time will come the confidence you think you lack and the ideas and lighting formulas will flow!


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