Open topped bus into Swanage

The weather in the UK is particularly fantastic at the moment, given that, you have to grab life and make on the spur of the moment decisions. I made one today! With a friend we decided to get a one day travel ticket,  a huge outlay of £8.40, which gave us the luxury of a days travel on the local bus. Given that this barely covered the price of travelling across a short distance of water at Studland by ferry that was included in our journey we leapt at the chance! We got on the open topped bus in Bournemouth which guaranteed our arrival in Swanage, a few hours in Swanage we then jumped back on the bus for a scenic tour through Langton Matravers into the pretty village of Corfe.  This all included the world heritage site around the Purbecks,

The Isle of Purbeck is a peninsula in Dorset, England. It is bordered by water on three sides: the English Channel to the south and east, where steep cliffs fall to the sea; and by the marshy lands of the River Frome and Poole Harbour to the north. Its western boundary is less well defined, with some medieval sources placing it at Flower’s Barrow above Worbarrow Bay.[1] According to writer and broadcaster Ralph Wightman, Purbeck “is only an island if you accept the barren heaths between Arish Mell and Wareham as cutting off this corner of Dorset as effectively as the sea.”[2] The most southerly point is St Alban’s Head (archaically St. Aldhelm’s Head). Its coastline is suffering from erosion.

The whole of the Isle of Purbeck lies within the local government district of Purbeck, which is named after it. However the district extends significantly further north and west than the traditional boundary of the Isle of Purbeck along the River Frome.

In terms of natural landscape areas, the southern part of the Isle of Purbeck and the coastal strip as far as Ringstead Bay in the west, have been designated as National Character Area 136 – South Purbeck by Natural England. To the north are the Dorset Heaths and to the west, the Weymouth Lowlands.[3]

We arrived back in Poole tired, sunburnt and happy late in the afternoon. After a few hours of photography we captured beach huts, people, Corfe, village, sunny days, happy times…. my words are rubbish, I hope my pictures speak volumes, enjoy, thanks for stopping by.

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