Mini Steam on the Quay

Saturday 13th May

Today is the first day of celebrating Poole Maritime week.

It was kicked off by Mini Steam on the Quay, a collection of mini steam engines offering free rides all the front. It was well attended with lots of interesting people, allowing lots of opportunity for some street photography,  my favourite form of photography.

As it was a lovely sunny day, I decided to walk into Poole, approximately 2 miles mostly downhill.  I don’t think people walk enough nowadays, time constraints do not allow, its such a shame, you miss so much of area when you are sat in a car stuck in traffic! So it was an honour that I was able enjoy, walking past the beauty spot on the Longfleet Road that offered a glimpse across to the Sandbanks Peninsular and onwards to the rolling Purbeck Hills. I continued into Poole and came across this really old façade of ornate windows , I have wandered up this street many many times and have never noticed this before, probably because I was in shopping mode, having a camera really slows you down and encourages you to look around and see things that would otherwise be missed. I continued on up the street onto the quay and followed around up to Baiter where they have recently erected a big wheel. Of course I had to have a go! I don’t like heights at all, but having a camera in my hand meant that I had to overcome fears and get on. I have to say it was very good value for money, whether it was because I had a camera in my hand, or because they weren’t busy, we were privilege to 4 rotations!! I then wandered back up to the Quay and settled myself down to partake in a little tipple, find a spot in the sun, and people watch, one of  my favourite pastimes! Enjoy the pics x

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