Here Goes…..Welcome

Right here goes…..Welcome…..This is my first posting, I have viewed hundreds of sites through reader and I have found them all terrifying! People are so articulate… I find it intimidating, I could never write in that way, so I shall do what I do best…..ramble..

I can’t put it off any longer, I just have to get on with it!

I am a keen photographer, I have taken hundreds of photographs over the last couple of years  that just sit on my hard drive, the better ones (in my opinion) get showcased on facebook. I receive positive feedback quite often, which has inspired me to try and promote my work through a web site.

But where to start?  I have no idea…. I will just post a few of my favourite pics, feel free to ask any questions, I will be chuffed to know that somebody has taken the time to read my post. ……

These were taken a few months ago in London. I really like street photography, I love the way it captures the here and now. I was not feeling very brave so was shooting from the hip, hence the strange angle….. which I actually really like. And I also love B&W.

Please take the time to leave any comments, positive or not. I hope you enjoy .

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